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Maximising sales opportunities

We have our own dedicated in-house Valuation Team

Managing your Part Exchange and Assisted Move portfolio is crucial and valuations play a key part to the success on how you manage this. With agents experiencing a hype of activity in the market, we have seen such a wide variation in the way in which properties are valued.  The work we undertake with each of our valuing agents is an important part in how successfully we manage and maximise all sales opportunities.  Often we will need to challenge valuations that can be several thousand pounds adrift, resource our own comparables and undertake our own due diligence to reach an acceptable level for both the customer and our housebuilder client.

Gaining customer commitment early and avoiding the need to backtrack on a valuation is key and, whilst sometimes automated valuations can be quick, they can also be dangerous, and misleading.  We also know how averages can be greatly distorted and something unique as a property requires solid evidence to ensure the valuation is accurate. With our very own in-house Valuation Team involved from the outset we help to reduce the timescales from initial application to going to market/making an offer and ensure the due diligence is undertaken to protect our housebuilding clients and retain customer confidence.

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