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Staff Testimonials

What the team think about working here.

We can tell you we’re a great company to work for, but don’t take our word, why not hear from some of our team members, many of whom have been with us for years.

We have grown to become the UK’s leading new homes specialist and as such proud of our achievements.

Nick Tutt

Sales Manager

I joined the company in 2011, initially as a Mortgage & Protection Adviser in the South West team. The role gave me the flexibility to adapt my working day to meet my work/life balance, as well as allowing me to work hard to gain good financial reward. In 2016, an exciting opportunity became available for a Sales Manager for Torc24, which I successfully got selected for. With strong guidance and good mentoring, I now support, observe, train and nurture my own team and help develop their own careers. Torc24 has seen massive growth over the last 18 months and it’s been exciting to be part of the journey. The challenge of increasing the team, sales and profit is always the driver, but with no two days being the same keeps you flexible and sharp. I feel I make a difference and am very proud to be part of the UK’s number one business in our sector.

Richard Beet

Sales Admin Support Team Manager, Mortgage Services

Since joining The New Homes Group in 2008, it’s grown significantly. The company is driven to get the best out of individuals providing induction training and regular performance feedback.

They pride themselves on promoting within, which I personally benefited from. The roles are very demanding, however, managerial and team support is the basis of the company’s success and job satisfaction.

Holly Byworth

Sales and Marketing Assistant, Part Exchange Team

I’ve worked at The New Homes Group for five years and it was the best move I made. I started as a Sales Administrator, progressing to Sales and Marketing Assistant within a year and now Sales Executive.

The career progression opportunities within The New Homes Group are fantastic. There are so many different job roles and with outstanding support from the senior management team and directors, really makes working here both enjoyable and very rewarding. It’s a great feeling to be part of such a successful, enthusiastic not to mention, record-breaking team.

Jess Coogan

Head of Sales Progression - Part Exchange Team

I’ve learnt so much during my time at The New Homes Group since joining five years ago. They’ve supported my development to Senior Sales Progressor and then more recently to Head of Sales Progression.

Every day is completely different and brings new challenges to solve. I work with a great group of people who keep me entertained and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.

Tom Gibb

Account Director, Part Exchange Team

I’ve worked for The New Homes Group since 2013 and have seen the company grow massively in that time, which has allowed both myself and my colleagues to grow too.

Working for a company which is so passionate and focussed on its clients, yet still so personable, was one of the main reasons I first joined – and I’m pleased to say the culture still remains today.

We have very high expectations and are always looking at ways to improve our service and continue to grow the company further – as such, the work is always demanding and every day will always present a new challenge. But this is always tempered with the enjoyment of working with such a friendly and like-minded group of people.

Hannah Fenn

Sales Executive, Part Exchange Team

I joined The New Homes Group in March 2013 as a Sales Administrator and by September 2013, I’d been promoted to Sales and Marketing Assistant. Since then, I’ve had a further promotion to a Sales Executive. I feel this shows the opportunity available to progress within the business and confirms the support and training which is offered for individual development.

I’ve seen the company grow immensely since starting and it’s great to be a part of the success which has been achieved. I really enjoyed the last five years working here and I look forward to seeing the continuous growth within the business and I’m pleased to be a part of the future of The New Homes Group.

Toni Maidment

Head of Marketing, Part Exchange Team

I’ve received excellent training and development opportunities in all my roles since joining The New Homes Group in 2012. It’s most definitely a great place to work and a progressive company that’s always looking for innovative ideas to improve its services to employees and housebuilder clients.

I’ve enjoyed working towards targets, both individually and as part of a team, to help achieve my goals and objectives. As the Head of Marketing I love the daily interaction with the many different people and I’ve built some great professional relationships within the workplace.

Craig Plimmer

Valuations Manager - Part Exchange Team

I have been working for The New Homes Group since May 2013 after spending several years in estate agency and property related roles. My first position here was Valuation Executive, I worked hard and always looked for ways to improve, as well as having much guidance along the way. I have had plenty of opportunity to take on other roles at The New Homes Group, but I was always content with my position. After holding the role for some time, I was promoted to Valuations Manager running a team of two, which very quickly grew to four and soon there will be five of us. Although The New Homes Group has grown so quickly over recent years, we have always maintained a grounded and family style atmosphere, with a limited number of people leaving us; but then why would you leave a company that pays you well, treats you well and rewards you for your efforts.

Day to day life at The New Homes Group is busy, there’s never a dull moment and the senior management team are just as approachable as anyone else in the office. Further to this, we have two kitchens, employee perks and the office location is great for access onto the A12, shops and places to eat.

Victoria Alefounder

Sales Manager - Part Exchange Team

The New Homes Group are an exciting company to work for as we continue to reach and exceed our goals. They are very focussed on helping both clients and employees alike hit their targets. We have already grown so much since I started back in 2012 and I look forward to seeing what the future brings.

Since I started working here I have been given the chance to work in different areas of the business, which has allowed me to progress in my career. When I first started in the part exchange team I had my own personal goal to be a Sales Manager and was very excited to achieve this and now I am running my own team! The senior team were extremely supportive, offering guidance, suggestions and opportunities along the way. I love the fact we have the main hub of head office to come too but also being able to go out and meet new and existing customers.

Emma Barbour

Account Manager - New Homes Mortgage Helpline


I was offered an opportunity to join NHMH, in a role that I had limited experience of. The job sounded perfect for me and regardless of my inexperience, I was given a chance to prove myself.

Almost 2 years on I can honestly say it is the best decision I have ever made and I will be forever thankful for being given the opportunity. From the outset I was given a wealth of guidance and support from my peers, which helped me settle into the job quickly and confidently. I really couldn’t imagine working anywhere else now, I love my job and everyone I work with and The New Homes Group are just a pleasure to work for.

Looking ahead, I’m very excited about my future within the company, knowing NHMH promote from within and encourage growth and continuing professional development, gives me the confidence and motivation needed to remain part of the business for the rest of my career.

Vicky Grove

Field Sales Manager - New Homes Mortgage Helpline

Since joining New Homes Mortgage Helpline in 2010 I have seen the company go from strength to strength. The slick operation in place for any type of customer at any stage, is amazing to be a part of.

My journey began on the Helpline qualifying customers for the home of their dreams. I moved onto training management in 2014, and now I am very proud to represent New Homes Mortgage Helpline as Field Sales Manager, helping our housebuilder clients. It is so great to truly believe in the company you work for, as we continue to be the number one at what we do.

Philip Udraufski

Sales Manager - New Homes Mortgage Helpline

I started with New Homes Mortgage Helpline in 2007 as a Mortgage and Protection Adviser before my promotion to Sales Manager

When I started with NHMH, we were a growing company, I had 3 years’ experience in broking, and felt a relative novice, however what was really beneficial to me I was suddenly surrounded by some very experienced and successful Advisers, I learnt more in my first 6 months at NHMH than I had learnt in the previous 3 years. The training and support I received from my Sales Manager and other successful Advisers was phenomenal.

The role is challenging, there is no getting away from that, and you need to have structure to the way you work. Initially I was working a lot of hours, however as you become more familiar with the role I started to structure and plan my time better, and suddenly I noticed the benefits to myself and my work life balance. If I could offer any tip to any Adviser joining, is understand this as soon as you can that it’s important to have structure in your week and days.

With good structure, I may work late but I have time in my days to do other stuff, and when people ask me how can I work the hours I work with a young family, I honestly laugh, because me and my wife have always seen my job as perfect. Yes, I have to work later, but, I take my children to school, I pick them up from school, I am able to go to most parents evening, Sports Day’s and class assembly. These things just would not be possible in a 9-5, office based role. I work really hard, but because of the flexibility of the role, I know that if I need to be somewhere I will work the evening before to make sure it’s done, freeing up time the next day. For us it has really worked well.

Further to that, although contracted to work Saturdays, I rarely do, and if I do it is just the morning. With a young family, this has always been important to me as it just mean I know that I have good, quality time for them when away from work. I would go as far to say that it’s been a perfect job whilst my family has been younger, as there are not many places you can earn an income as good with the flexibility it offers.

I have seen the company grow in a really positive way. The extra IT support, company cars, Death in Service,  Pension Scheme, incentives such as Perkbox, to name but a few, and although we have grown and we are all based across the country, the company still has a sense of togetherness.

All in all, the proof for me is that after 11 years I still want to be here, I still enjoy working for NHMH, and on the more challenging day’s I know through experience it’s worth it.

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